Doctoral School - Communication, public relations and advertising

The Doctoral school of ”Communication, Public relations and Advertising” includes coordinators from the communication sciences and marketing fields, with research areas revolving around the communication analysis. Their scientific preoccupations comprise public relations, advertising, branding, political communication, public communication, strategic communication, religious communication etc.

We will review down below the list of research interests of each coordinator:

  Communication Sciences

  Professor Delia Bălaș, PhD  - Director of the Doctoral school Research themes:
  1. Advertising – theoretical and empirical approaches from the perspective of the communication sciences
  2. The role and self-image of professional communicators, the interaction between them in the context of contemporary transformations
  3. Journalism and new media
  4. The effects of online communication
  5. The effects of social media communication
  6. The effects of communication in advertising
  7. Medialization – theoretical and empirical approaches
  8. Culture, communication and new media
  9. Communication and advertising in sports
  Professor Flaviu Călin Rus, PhD Research themes:
  1. Internal and external communication in private firms
  2. Internal and external communication in public institutions
  3. Interpersonal communication
  4. Communication and PR in the political field
  5. Crisis communication
  6. Communication and PR in conflict situations
  7. Communication and negotiation in international affairs
  8. Communication and PR in mass-media
  9. Communication and PR in NGOs
  10. Public relations in the commercial domains/ services
  11. Public relations in sports
  12. Public relations in the cultural area
  13. Public relations in health
  14. Public relations and events
  15. Communication campaigns
  16. PR campaigns
  17. Branding
  18. Advertising
  19. Media research – classical media and new media
  Professor Sandu Frunză, PhD Research themes:
  1. Political communication and religious manipulation in the electoral campaigns in post-communist Romania
  2. Fundamentalist tendencies in the Romanian society of the XXIst century
  3. Biopolitics, bioethics and religion in the XXIst century Romania
  4. The political imaginary and the use of symbolic communication in political advertising
  5. Personal brand and image construction in the political space
  Professor Ioan Hosu, PhD Research themes:
  1. Online vs offline communication
  2. Communication in the political area
  3. Organizational communication
  4. Strategic communication
  5. Communication and society
  Associate Professor Kádár Magor, PhD Research themes:
  1. Image analysis and image building
  2. Reputation management
  3. Place branding
  4. Destination branding
  5. Company branding
  6. Institutional communication
  7. Event management and branding
  8. Personal branding
  9. Sensorial branding
  10. Strategical thinking and planning
  Associate Professor Vincze Orsolya, PhD Research themes:
  1. New media and participatory practices
  2. The transformation of news media
  3. Online political communication
  4. Media literacy
  5. Media portrayals and representations
  6. Communication and culture
  Marketing   Professor Smaranda Cosma, PhD Research themes:
  1. Marketing strategies
  2. Marketing principles
  3. Destination marketing
  4. Hospitality and accommodation marketing
  5. International marketing